Friday, June 15, 2007

By Juan Riera

Today is the last day of field school, which has gone by way too fast.

We all think it has been a great experience. Although some good friendships have been started, it is a bittersweet day as we all part ways. A lot of interesting discoveries were made, but due to the short nature of the field school I am sure of future opportunities at this site for fieldwork; hopefully if it happens, it won't take another twenty years.

Although the field school is over it is just the beginning of many other aspects of this dig. Next week lab work and analysis of what has been found will begin. This will entail among other things the cleaning and sorting of artifacts. The principal investigators of this project will also begin work on the publication of the results. On a more practical level, next week will focus on cleaning tools and materials and putting back into storage items that belong to the FSU Anthropology Department and items that belong to the Florida Bureau of Archaeological Research.