Friday, June 8, 2007

by Paul Williamson

Today was an incredibly busy day. The focus was on preparing our display stations for tomorrow’s public day and tidying the grounds for visitors. This morning Erin and I cleared around one excavation unit northeast of the parking lot for easy visitor access, while everyone else raked dead brush behind the Martin House, which is where we plan to set up the displays.

Other issues also had to be addressed, such as coordinating with the following groups: the Park Service, whose rangers manage the property; the local archaeological society, Panhandle Archaeological Society at Tallahassee (PAST), whose members will be pitching membership and providing refreshments; and the Division of Historical Resource (DHR), whose related staff, primarily archaeologists and conservationists, likewise will be presenting exhibits and running activities to fill out the public day. There was also concern about our “staff” t-shirts, which we will all be wearing tomorrow, provided the embroiderer finishes on time. Additionally, there are the obvious but often overlooked items, such as chairs, tables, signage, and literature for distribution that are essential to a successful public event, which we needed to get ready.

Our instructors have been valuable in helping us prepare for tomorrow, having been previously involved in many public outreach events. Andrea has skillfully guided the students’ projects to ensure they are not only informative and truthful, but also fun. Mary’s good at logistical trouble-shooting and keeping people on task.

All in all, everything is coming together. Let’s hope we have good weather for Saturday!